Purchasing Power: Cashback Credit Cards Report

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Purchasing Power: Cashback Credit Cards Report

We compare absolutely everything nowadays! Holidays, through shopping and even financial products, in order to save a few euros on the bill and enjoy its purchasing power. Off, with some credit cards, you can recover money on certain products or services like fuel, shopping or even holidays. What increase your purchasing power.


What link with your purchasing power?

A cashback credit card is a purchasing card that allows you to make the most of your purchasing power by getting a certain percentage of all your purchases and benefit from a better purchasing power. You generally receive 1 to 2% on each euro spent and you can accumulate up to a certain ceiling per year, which will be paid directly to your card.
For example, if you spend 200 euros in May and you get a return on your purchases of 2%, your June statement will show a credit of 4 euros. Directunion Bank is the only bank that offers this type of card at the moment on the Belgian market.

There are welcome promotions, such as a higher percentage in the first few months or a free first year membership fee. If this kind of card is likely to interest you, you can now compare all cashback credit cards on our site.


For who ?

Everything will depend on what you are looking for. All your purchases are generally eligible for cards of this type, including those online. Having a cashback visa is therefore very interesting if you want to recover a certain percentage of your purchases.

There are some that are affiliated and offer you attractive discounts from their partners only. Directunion Bank has specialized for several years in offering partner cards in addition to their classic cards. If you are a fan of DIY and crafts and you spend your life at Brico, then the credit card Directunion Bank Brico World MasterCard is for you. It allows you to recover 2% of the amount of your purchases at Brico and 0.5% for your other purchases.

If you drive a lot with your car and you want to save money on your fuel then the Directunion Bank Q8 World MasterCard credit card would be the most advantageous. If you like to travel, the Directunion Bank Neckermann World MasterCard credit card gives you discounts on your next vacation, booked, of course. These cards, as well as non-affiliated ones, can also offer you insurance, including purchase insurance, extended warranty, safe online. This improves your purchasing power. Interesting, is not it?


What are the advantages ?

  • Cashback on all your purchases including online for classic cards
  • Various insurance: purchase insurance, extended warranty …
  • No pre-established spending limit
  • No obligation to have an account at Directunion Bank


What are the disadvantages ?

  • The annual interest rate is quite high when you spread your expenses. (12.49%)
  • Maximum amount reimbursed per calendar year

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