A Lending Service For Money

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A Lending Service For Money

Sometime later we often hear the term FT Finance. FT Finance, the most widely known or most frequently heard, is FT Finance which provides CD Finance services online such as YU Credit, TK Lending, and TN Bank. Though the service is only one of the four classifications of FT Finance companies in Indonesia. According to Bank Incenti (BI), FT Finance in Indonesia is engaged in four fields, namely market aggregator or financial aggregator, risk management and investment, payment, clearing, and settlement, as well as peer to peer lending and crowdfunding.


4 Types of FT Finance Companies

For more details, see the review of each field of FT Finance services below.


Market aggregator or Financial Aggregator

Market aggregator or financial aggregator is a platform that provides services to compare various financial services that exist. This platform is very useful for those of you who want to apply for CD Finance online, credit cards, insurance, and other financial services, but do not have the time to compare the services offered by one and the other companies.


Risk management and investment

FT Finance provides services to assess the financial condition of users and helps conduct financial planning digitally through a user’s smartphone. This platform also allows users to find the right investment model. Simply put, this platform is similar to software that functions as a financial advisor in e-trading, e-insurance, and other financial services.


Payment, clearing and settlement

FT Finance is a type of payment, clearing, and settlement providing payment services online. This online payment includes e-wallet and payment gateway . The aim is to facilitate the process of transactions via online, ie every transaction you make is only from one portal.


Peer to peer lending and crowdfunding

FT Finance, which provides this service, must have heard enough and is better known than other FT Finance . Peer to peer lending is a service that brings together borrowers and funders. Meanwhile, crowdfunding provides mass funding services for certain projects. Through crowdfunding , it’s likely that someone will become a funder for a particular project.

Of the four types of FT Finance mentioned above, payment, settlement, and clearing are supervised by BI because in its operational activities there is a velocity of money, while crowdfunding and peer to peer lending are overseen by the OJK. This also causes the CD Finance online application to be registered and supervised by the OJK.

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