Why is My Credit Rating Zero?


Why is My Credit Rating Zero?

Banks and their products are widely used and preferred in our country. In general, customers using credit card or consumer credit products are almost dependent on banks. Because now we pay our salaries over the bank, even if you do not want to work, you become dependent on banks.

Almost the majority of individuals working with banks are the ones that apply mostly to individual loans and credit cards. In order to approve these applications , it is necessary to have a certain registry and credit rating in the eyes of the bank. You can learn your credit rating through banks and online credit rating learning methods .

Does your credit rating look zero? Why is your credit rating zero? In this article we will give you information about why your credit grade becomes zero. Why is my credit rating zero?

What is a Credit Rating?

Credit Rating

Through the Credit Reference System, banks share some information about credit and deposit customers among all banks and financial companies that are members of the KKB. Members (Banks) can access this information through KKB in order to carry out credit transactions of their customers and to extend loans to their customers or to obtain customers. This data source (CRS) sets out the customer’s 5-10-year credit history and enables interbank transactions to be made on the Credit Rating . The negativities you will experience with the banks will cause this grade to fall.

Why is my credit rating zero?

Why is my credit rating zero?

You have witnessed that your credit rating is zero or the credit score is not reached in your neighborhood or in yourself. While Credit and Credit Card is not the only criterion when using credit cards , you must have a certain credit rating in order to use these products and get positive results from applications. The simplest case that will cause your credit rating to be zero is that you have no relationship with banks. If this is your first time to use a credit or credit card, the bank will tell you. You must have a specific history with the bank to use credit cards or credit products.

For example , you can start by opening an account in banks. Performing your bill payments and other transactions with this bank account will create a record in the bank and certain criteria will arise. If you are a salary customer in the bank, the bank will come to you without having to apply and bring the product offers to your feet.

If you have not experienced a negative situation in the banks, a delay in payment or a disturbance in the registry, there is nothing to worry about. After you start working with the Bank, your Credit Rating will be determined and your grade will be given.

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